About Us

The SERVE Fellowship is:

  • Volunteers on Short-Term Teams from the US and partner countries;
  • Prayer Fellowship members who Intercede regularly for SERVE via e-mail, phone and local gatherings;
  • Financial Contributors to fund specific projects;
  • Organizational Support and Friends on the mail list.


  • SERVE sends volunteer teams on short-term (1-3 week) projects, developed at request of Denominational Leaders, Missionaries and Para-Church Organizations worldwide. SERVE teammates often travel multiple times over the years; all ages encouraged.
  • SERVE supports and extends the work of our partnering organizations, often on the forefront of continuing efforts.
  • SERVE projects have included frontier medical camps and spiritual outreach; design and building of churches, clinics & training centers; giving leadership & business skills seminars; transporting needed supplies; idiomatic English language exchange... We work to match their needs with your skill or interest.