Leah Pollock Preston

Leah Preston was born in the South Sudan, the daughter of Ted and Dolly Pollock, Presbyterian missionaries in Africa. She went out to serve in missions just after graduation from college at Schutz American School in Alexandria, Egypt. In 1983 Leah and her husband Dave joined Wycliffe Bible Translators as support workers. They served in Australia, Kenya, South Africa and Mozambique. Leah served in child care, housing, guest house manager and finance. She also worked with Dave doing building projects. Since 1997 they have served with SERVE in 9 different building projects in Southern Africa.

In the past two years Leah and Dave led building projects into Angola and Mozambique with Wycliffe Associates. Their friends say she is happiest when working alongside her husband on these projects.

Leah has had a heart for serving others and the Lord all her life and she looks forward to using her gifts with SERVE in the years to come.


BS Interior design and business             

Indiana University of Pennsylvania Indiana, PA      

David Preston

David Preston grew up in southwest Ethiopia, the son of Ron and Lu Preston, Presbyterian missionaries in Ethiopia and then Honduras. From an early age he saw missionaries who were doctors, teachers and evangelists using their time to fix out board motors, building and fixing building for their families to live in and not having enough time to do the work God had called them to do. So from early age David felt called to support this type of missionary need with the skills God had given him.

David and his wife Leah have served with Wycliffe for the past 30 years. David has been an auto mechanic in Australia, ran business services in Kenya, took care of logistics for teams in Mozambique after a 17 year civil war, oversaw the building of the SIL center in Nampula, Mozambique and ran it for 7 years. The last four years with Wycliffe, they spent in South Africa running a guesthouse as well as leading building projects in Angola, Mozambique and Kenya. Since 1997 they have been part of 9 building projects with SERVE. They look forward to continuing with the same kind of ministry with SERVE.


Universal Technical Institute,

1978 Diploma in Auto Mechanics  Omaha, Nebraska

Darwin Institute of Technology,

1987 Certificate in Diesel Mechanics Darwin, Australia

In September 2015 Dave was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer.  This could have been the end of their missionaries serve.  However, God had a new plan for them, one filled with time in His Word and encouraging people from behind the lines. They have taken on the job of pray coordinator,  web manager, email manager, along with lining up projects for other people to go on.  Once Dave can put chemo behind him they are trusting God that they will be able to travel again.  You can follow what is happening with them through caring bridge.  http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/davidpreston