Past Projects
Below are some of the project locations that SERVE has sent teams to over the years. Click to find out about the specific projects in each location.
Over the years SERVE has done multiple projects in Alaska. These projects have included, building, outreach, and cooking

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In China SERVE was active in delivering Christian Literature

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SERVE's Ethiopian ministry has been primarily medical, Bible school and construction.

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LATE  NOV.  -  DEC. 23RD.  2015

Jack Jordan once again went to Gambella, Ethiopia to work with both the Nuer Tribe and Anuak Tribe to perform some building activities and develop plans for a church construction that is planned to be done in the fall of 2016. But once he got there, he found help was needed to provide adequate lighting for the Jordan Bible School students to study in the evenings. (Electrical system in that area is inadequate to provide adequate lighting). This was solved by purchasing a small diesel generator and getting it installed and running properly to produce the needed lights for studying.

The planned construction work was to (1) build a water tower at Pokwo where we recently constructed a building to house visiting doctors, missionaries, etc. and (2) make more beds for the Bible School students. Jack purchased lots of angle iron for this work. He successfully made the water tower in the Nuer Tribe compound in Gambella (see photo). Difficulties arose in getting it transported to Pokwo. He finally got it there where part of the trip was cross country through high thick growth. It is now erected in concrete footings. Further work is required which primarily involves getting the water tank installed on top of the tower with needed plumbing to get water into the house.

Several bed frames were constructed as shown in the photo. A lot more are needed. A great thing is occurring there in that enrollment in the Jordan Bible School is increasing considerably. Additional facilities are needed to house the students and staff. Many of the students are refugees from Sudan.

Do to health issues, Jack was unable to complete as much construction work as desired.

He was able, though, to perform some planning relative to needed materials to construct a church next fall in an area several miles further down the road “so to speak” from the church that was built for the OPOW Tribe several years ago. Termites are a huge issue in that area. The techniques used to resist them in that church are working well.

Beside need for the new church, the Nuer Tribe needs support for two other significant items. As stated above, the Jordan Bible School needs several additional facilities to accommodate the growing attendance and thus need for more staff. Another critical need is for a new well. The current well, which was hand dug several years ago, is now dry. That is a very important need. The whole community was obtaining good water from the old well. They are now getting water from a very contaminated river that is quite some distance from the Nuer compound. 

The picture shows three of the Nuer Tribe people who assisted Jack. Individual in the center is Rev. Ding Gach, head of the Western Gambella Synod.


SERVE has sent teams into Ghana to see if it is possible to do future work in the area.

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SERVE's involvement in Kenya has been directed at medical outreach as well as an involvement with orphans.

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SERVE's building projects in Malawi have been both Church and orphanage related.

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SERVE has been active in Mexico almost since it's inception. Their primary purposes have been evangelism, teaching trades, and construction.

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SERVE has done six church building projects in Mozambique. All with the local Presbyterian Church of Mozambique.

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SERVE has delivered Computers to SIL International Peru as well as done some construction projects, medical outreaches and Evangelical mentor programs .

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SERVE has constructed buildings for the Nile Theological College

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SERVE sent a team to Uganda to help missionaries working with a tribe that was being persecuted.

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The SERVE project in Zambia was the construction of a residence for a Theological College.

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SERVE has done several projects in Zimbabwe, all of which have been construction projects.

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