Adura- 1996

In it's first trip to Ethiopia SERVE set a precedent for future trips and went into Ethiopia to do repair on a medical building, and a resident building. The precedent was that they would be working with medical means as well as construction.
Gambela- 2003

SERVE sent a team to build classrooms for the BARO Bible School for the Neur Tribe. This was not the last time that SERVE would send people to help the  Bible School.The school was designed to teach and train the Neur's to be pastors and Evangelists.
Gambela- 2005

SERVE returned to help the Neur Bible School. This time the teams constructed a dormitory for the pastoral trainees to live in while they studied.

On SERVE's third trip to Gambela they built another dorm for the expanding BARO Bible School. While there they also did planing for a medical clinic in Adura.
Gambela- 2007

SERVE returned to Gambela to work with the Bible school once again in an attempt to continue developing the program and aiding the training. They also put into action the plans they had started for the Adura clinic.
Gambela- 2008

SERVE continued to invest in the lives of the Neur people and worked on a few varying activities.
Gambela- 2009

SERVE raised support to help fund the BARO Bible School and the Adura clinic. They also returned to do more outreaches with the Neur.
Gambela- 2010

In February  SERVE did followup activities and finalized the plan to build a church for the Opow Tribe who are an unreached people group In May they returned to build the church for the Opow tribe. SERVE was unable to complete the project because of the arrival of the rainy season.
Gambela- 2011

SERVE was able to return to Ethiopia  a year after they started building the church for the Opow people. SERVE completed the church that they had started.
Gambela- 2012

Being already invested in the Neur and Opow tribes SERVE sent a team of people to continue building relationships with the tribes.
Gambela- 2012

SERVE sent a team to continue to invest in the lives of the Neur people. They did many ourtreaches to help the people.
Pokwo- 2014
SERVE sent three teams to Ethiopia to do building as well as medical assistance in a remote region of Gambela known as Pokwo.