Project Blogs
Pokwo, Ethiopia
In May of this year S.E.R.V.E will be sending 3 teams to build a guest house for the clinic in Pokwo, Ethiopia. Time permitting these teams will also be cleaning the clinic, improving the working conditions, and running health outreach programs. The Pokwo clinic operates as a ministry of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Jesus (EECMY) in Ethiopia. The clinic is small, but offers hope and a higher level of care and compassion than any government clinic. The people in the community are taking ownership and are doing what they can to raise funds for staff salaries, but more help is needed. When a visiting doctor comes to help he/she has to stay in a tent. Our goal is to build a small two bedroom house for the doctor or nurse to stay in. This will mean that they will have more time while in Pokwo to help improve the health of the people there.

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Macia, Mozambique

In 2012 SERVE sent a team of volunteers to Macia Mozambique. While there they teamed with the local people to build a church for the community of believers.

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Katali, Kenya
In 2010 SERVE sent several teams to help build dorms for an orphanage in Kenya. Click here to find out more about what happend and what is still going on in the Katali orphanage.