SERVE bought and delivered a sound system to the Presbyterian Church of East Africa.

SERVE sent a team to do evangelical and medical mission work to the unreached people in the Nesuit area.
Malalal- 2002

SERVE sent another team to Kenya so that they could do more evangelical as well as medicinal ministry in Central Kenya.
Maasi- 2004

In October and November of 2004 SERVE sent people to work with the Maasi Tribe. They preformed medical and evangelical mission work. They worked in Southeast Kenya as well as Zanzibar Tanzania

SERVE sent a team of volunteers to work in an orphanage run by the  Presbyterian Church of East Africa.
Central and Western Kenya- 2009 & 2011

SERVE volunteered to travel around and gave medical aid to the people of Kenya. The medical services were an excellent way to share the gospel and teach people how to evangelize.
Kitale- 2010 & 2012

In 2010 SERVE sent a team to build a kitchen, two dorms, and restrooms. They returned 2012 to build more dorms. These were built for an orphanage.