Cuamba 1998
In Spring 1998 SERVE sent several teams in to build a Presbyterian Church with the Locals. The project was lead by Ted Pollock. Some of the supplies from this project were acquired through interesting means. The trusses  plates were created from the bed of a pick-up truck.
Mabilibile 2001
Late summer 2001 SERVE sent a team to reconstruct a Presbyterian Church in the southern part of Mozambique. The Church in Mabilibile was destroyed during the civil war in Mozambique. When the SERVE team was transporting in supplies their trucks got stuck in the sand so the volunteers and locals had to carry the supplies almost two miles to the job site.
Pemba 2003
In August 2003 SERVE sent a team of volunteers headed for Rebaue. Once the team had driven the three hours from Nampula, Mozambique to find that the locals had not held up their end of the supply list, Ted Pollock made the executive decision to leave until they were ready. With the sudden change in agenda the team was forced to make other plans. Contact with the head of the Presbyterian Church of Mozambique reveled that there was a church ready for aid in Pemba. The following day Ted and his team headed north to work with  the church in Pemba.
Rebaue 2006
In the summer of 2006 Ted fulfilled his promise to the people of Rebaue and returned at the age of 93 to build the church. Between 2003 and 2006 the people discovered that all the supplies they needed God had already provided on their land.
Baira 2008
In July 2008 SERVE returned to aid a Presbyterian Church in the coastal city of Baira. While there were some mishaps along the way this project gave volunteers an excellent opportunity to connect with the local community as well as an opportunity to enhance their skills. 
SERVE sent a team to Macia to build a church. On this particular project the SERVE volunteers were unsure they were going to finish. The project came down to the wire and in the last three days the team finished the building with the help of God.