n 2000 SERVE sent a team to Huaraz to deliver laptop computers to SIL International Peru.
Lima- 2002

SERVE returned to deliver computers as well as work with Wycliffe in their ministries in the area.
Runa Simi- 2003

SERVE sent a team to Runa Simi to do maintenance work.
Runa Simi-2004

SERVE returned to Runa Simi again to continue their work with construction in the area.
Runa Simi-2005

SERVE sent teams to preform construction as well as medical mission work.

In December of 08 SERVE sent a team to deliver Christmas presents to over a thousand children. These children were from 9 churches. 


Returning to Ayacucho SERVE volunteers made another Santa delivery to the Quechua Indian Children. It was a joyous time for volunteers as well as for the children who were blessed.
Runa Simi-2011

SERVE volunteers raised the funds to aid with the evangelical activities in Runa Simi. The funds were to support audio and visual evangelism.
Runa Simi- 2012

SERVE sent a volunteer team to Runa Simi to do more maintenance in the aid of missionaries.